Counselling, at any stage in the disease, can offer an opportunity for people to talk freely about how they feel and what their MS means to them; maybe understand why they react in a particular way. Nearest and dearest are not always the best people to talk to freely, it may be upsetting or too much for them to hear; maybe feelings are just too confused and hard to describe.

About Counselling

Possibly MS has made you feel vulnerable and dependant in a way that you aren’t used to feeling. MS can change both physical and emotional ways of being and sense of self and yet that needn’t be all negative.

Very few of us live to our full potential, it is possible to gain insights into our behaviour that might help offset the changes that MS brings.

“If I don’t think about it and pretend I haven’t got it, it might go away”

We are all very much aware of the courage it can take to make contact with other sufferers such as ourselves. “If I don’t think about it and pretend I haven’t got it, it might go away” is what many people may think, particularly those newly diagnosed. However, we take a positive approach – that is to do all we can to keep our lives as stable as possible with this ‘intrusion’ into our life.

“Go home and forget about it”

“Go home and forget about it” has been the advice often given to those diagnosed as having MS. This is not what you want to hear when newly diagnosed! Finding out that you have MS can make you feel angry, frightened, worried or even desperate because of the situation. Rightly so, you may feel that revealing a degree of anger or fear may be more than your family or close friends can cope with.

Similarly, members of a family in which someone has MS may be desperate for help and advice on how to cope. Above all, there is enormous value and comfort to be gained by simply coming to a Centre and meeting and talking to others who share the same problems and experiences as yourself.

A positive attitude to managing MS is an essential ingredient for success in dealing with the disease – generating this is much easier with such friendly associations.

Come and visit

Why not visit our Centre where you will find many members who will no doubt have experienced similar.


Please contact us at MSTC Swansea for further information.

Alternatively, The MS Telephone Counselling Service 0800 783 0518 (Option 1) is open normal working hours 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday

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