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My dad retired from work in 1996, he and mum had a lot planned. They were particularly into Line Dancing and wanted to use the extra time available to them enjoying themselves, doing a bit of Line Dancing and enjoying retirement.
Around a year or two later, my mum was diagnosed with MS. Initially, she was OK, it was quite a mild diagnoses and she seemed to be continuing as before. However, as time went on, she slowly started deteriorating. It was little things, balance slightly awry, the occasional fall until she had a get a scooter to help her get around. That was fine, she still had her independence, could scoot around the shops, and could still walk, at times unaided.
As the years progressed, she got worse, her walking before more difficult, until she could no longer walk unaided and then not at all. Due to her balance being affected, she fell from her scooter a few times until she could no longer use it and so became, more or less confined to the settee at home, with my dad being her carer. My mum never complained, just put up with her lot and remained extremely optimistic. My dad, became her carer, tending to her every need in a way I can only look on in awe and admiration.
On a Thursday in the middle of May, my dad called me to tell me that mum was not very well, he had twisted his knee, mum was on a drip as she had not been eating or drinking and they had finally accepted help, in the form of nurses and carers.
You have not to know my dad to understand what a massive deal this was. Both my parents are very private, proud people, so to finally accept that they needed help was a big step. I was worried so drove down to South Wales to see what I could do.
Mum was poorly, and the sight of seeing her on a drip was quite the neutraliser. Around 10pm in the night she seemed quite distressed but did fall asleep. When the nurses came in the next day, she wasn’t responding to them at all and so was rushed into Morriston Hospital. She was extremely unwell and we thought we had lost her. She remained in Intensive care under the wonderful treatment of the staff in the ITU Department and gradually improved. She remains in hospital (14 May) but has today been moved into a general ward.
Problems remain in that she is having trouble swallowing, and will have to see various consultants regarding her condition.
When the MS was less advanced, she went to the MS Therapy Centre in South Wales who provided her with a lot of help which, I am sure, slowed down the advance of the disease to a large extent.
The Centre assists people with various complaints such a cerebral palsy, autism, strokes, ME, fibromyalgia but sadly receive no statutory funding despite having a very large catchment area. They need £80,000 a year to function take a huge workload off the NHS.
Those of you who know me know I do not take a lot of things seriously but this is enormously important to me and ask that you can help me in raising some money towards the centre. I have put £1000 down as a target, but in reality I’ve no target, I am running two marathons in October in Eindhoven and Snowdonia, which may hurt a tad and ask if you can spare anything, I would be extremely grateful.
£1000 would be superb, but £100 would be fantastic too. They do wonderful work and I’d like to give something back if I could.

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