As more and more people are turning to natural, holistic therapies to treat many conditions over medication (where possible), massage is beneficial to all body systems and is a natural and effective way to treat medical conditions. For these reasons, we at The South Wales MS Therapy Centre decided to incorporate a number of these into our list of therapies. All of which are proving popular.

Many people with MS are unable to travel easily so attending the Centre regularly for any of the therapies or services has the advantage over traveling to different clinics. Allowing clients to have these for minimal cost encourages regular therapy.

About Reflexology

In reflexology, certain zones of the feet and sometimes the hand are stimulated by a practitioner. These zones relate to specific organs and parts of the body. Just by feeling the zones, reflexologists can detect problems in other parts of the body. By using finger pressure on specific points, healing is stimulated in affected organs.

Treatment is usually relaxing. If you feel pain, it indicates there may be a problem.

Reflexology and MS

Reflexology is particularly helpful in bladder and bowel problems, but can also improve motor and sensory symptoms. It can also help with eye problems, balance and lymphatic drainage.



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In a clinical trial, 71 MS patients were studied. Half received the active reflexology treatment for 11 weeks. The treatment included manual pressure on specific points in the feet and massage of the calf area. The second (control) group received a non-specific massage of the calf. Both groups were tested for numbness, bladder problems, muscle strength, and spasticity. The results showed a significant improvement in the group given reflexology.

This information is from The A to Z Guide to Alternative Therapies edited by Judy Graham.

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